Hello Lovely!

As someone who previously had eczema and the founder of Coffee&Honey, I can understand the challenges that women like myself have had to confront, with one skin challenge or another.
Our mission is to promote your natural glow and leave women feeling confident and happy in their own skin through the use of all-natural effective and non-toxic products.
We are passionate about skincare, particularly using 100% natural ingredients in all our products. Many skincare and body care products have been found to contain harmful chemicals and toxins which can be linked to various health issues. That's why we say no to parabens, SLS or synthetic perfumes! We take a health conscience approach because we believe that nature provides the best long-term skincare.
Since we only use 100% natural ingredients in all our products, we have searched high and low to work with the right partners.  Our Coffee partners pay their African farmers a fair wage for their wonderful beans and for every kilo sold, they contribute to local farming initatives .
Our Organic Raw Honey is produced in an East African rain forest by rural village beekeepers, hundreds of miles away from the nearest GMO farms. No antibiotics, sugar feeding or varroacides are used in the process and beekeeping has become a sustainable source of income for the locals. As beekeeping has spread, there are more bees and so more hives now pollinate the trees, supporting the sustainabilty of the forest.
We look forward to hearing more of your skin stories and getting your glow on with COFFEE&HONEY.